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Firstchance is an independent not-for-profit organisation which provides Early Childhood Intervention supports for children aged 0-9 years old living with a disability (including developmental delay or those at risk of developmental delay), and offering support to the child’s family.

Firstchance runs its programs with a combination of:

  • National Disability Insurance Agency funding provided to individual children
  • Government grants from Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) and the Department of Education (DEC)
  • Community Grants
  • Parent fees and money raised through fundraising activities and sponsorship

Our aim is to combine our professional expertise with your knowledge and understanding of your child.

Why choose Firstchance?

Firstchance has been operating quality early childhood intervention programs, catering for the needs of infants, young children and their families since 1978. We support families in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens local government areas and each year work with over 350 families and their children.

We employ a highly skilled professional team to support families and children and have experienced managers overseeing our services and programs. Our qualified staff include:

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Family Workers
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Early Childhood Intervention Specialists
  • Psychologist

The Firstchance approach of integrating Early Childhood Intervention Specialists into our programs and collaborative transdisciplinary teams leads to improved outcomes for children, particularly for transitioning to school.  We work in your child’s natural environment  – working with what’s available in the child’s home, daycare, preschool, school, community group – means that results are more sustainable as they achieved in the ‘real world’ not a therapy clinic.

Find out more about Firstchance by watching this brief video:

Videos by www.professionalvideo.com.au

Family-centred and strengths-based approach

At the core of all Firstchance programs is a family-centred and strengths-based approach. We know that the majority of children’s learning occurs in the home environment and we recognise your family as the most important influence in the life and development of your child.

You have the greatest ability to create change in your child’s development – you know what your child can do well and what they struggle with. At Firstchance you will be involved in all decisions about what you want to achieve for your child with the help of our team of early childhood professionals and highly specialised therapists.

Our people

Firstchance employs a number of teams of highly qualified and professional staff across a range of disciplines, including early intervention teaching, speech pathology, social work, occupational therapy and physiotherapy…find out more

Our Vision, Mission, Values and Philosophy

The vision of Firstchance is to be a leading service provider, respected and renowned for partnering with families, and building inclusive communities that value and celebrate diversity. Read more…