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Current Employment Opportunities:

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Occupational Therapist

Job Summary:

Psychologist – Clinical or Registrar


Applications close: Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis for positions that are vacant now and positions arising in the near future.


Please send your completed applications to: reception@firstchance.org.au


What our Staff say about our Greatest Strengths:

“Effective teamwork and pride in the worth of our organisation”

“Inclusive, positive and friendly workplace…staff with a mission”

“Inclusion – everybody is welcome and supported”

“Family-centred – families are in all sessions to gain shared knowledge and gain skills to support their child”

“Very focused on positive outcomes for children and families”

“Team co-operation and support”

“General Manager – listens to employees, willing to make changes and has a clear vision for the organisation”

“We have a very diverse group of people….which helps us to better gain insights into the needs of our families”

“Staff are excellent and highly committed”IMG_1099

“Leadership is excellent”

“Staff with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills, willingness to share ideas with each other….”

 “Organisation’s culture and how that reflects into services the organisation provides to its clients”

“Management – they are open and transparent with staff, especially in times of change, management care about their staff, not just their work, but also in the personal lives”

“The fact that we are transdisciplinary and great at it!”

“Commitment to our clients to provide the best service to meet the family and client needs”

“Management who are committed to being transparent and fair through this process of change”

“Our team is a group of people with strong values of respect and integrity.  Even in times of change, we all try to problem solve together and remember the families we are working with”