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Certificate IV Allied Health Assistant

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During 2016 and early 2017 Firstchance partnered with Response Training Services to deliver a NSW State government subsidised Certificate III in Individual Support course that was contextualised for Firstchance parent and carers.

The course provided parents and carers with formal recognition of the learning and skills they had developed whilst partnering with Firstchance staff to provide supports to their child. Participants received recognition of prior learning for approximately eight units out of the course. The course was delivered flexibly and in a short sharp timeframe, whilst still producing quality outcomes.

The course outcomes were outstanding with a 100% completion rate. All 13 participants graduating with a Certificate III in Individual Support. The majority of graduates secured paid employment as a result of their training.

This initiative was a way for Firstchance to formally recognise the wonderful skills and work families do to support their child to thrive and provide the Disability Sector with an untapped resource of skilled and capable individuals with a lot to offer.

Firstchance want to continue to acknowledge the skills, knowledge and capacity of the parents and carers we support. By working with Response to build on the success of this course, we are offering parents and carers the opportunity to express their interest in undertaking a Certificate IV Allied Health Assistant course.

This is a new and emerging role in the Disability sector. The qualification enables workers to provide assistance to Allied Health Professionals to implement the goals of the family. Workers at this level operate under the direct supervision of an Allied Health Professional and do not design programs or therapeutic interventions. Depending on the elective units selected the course will enable you to become:

• Therapy Assistant

• Physiotherapy assistant

• Occupational therapy assistant

• Speech pathology assistant

• Allied health assistant

The course will be contextualised and delivered flexibly by recognising the skills and attributes you already have as a Parent/Carer and by offering practical gap training to ensure you meet the requirements for a Certificate IV Allied Health Assistant.

Where to from here?

At this stage we need to secure funding for this program but would like to collect Expressions of Interest from those people who would like to be involved.

The times and days of the training and recognition sessions are planned to meet the needs of the group.

Interested? Like to know more?

Then please contact Nicole Doncovski at Firstchance on  4910 3130 or email nicole.doncovski@firstchance.org.au