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Firstchance Needs Your Help

Firstchance is a member of Pathways Australia and is recognised as a preferred recipient of donations and support.

Funds raised by Firstchance supplement government funding to deliver quality services.

Donations have been gratefully received from families, friends, business contacts, community groups. These all contribute to improving the services for families.

Fundraising activities have been many and varied. If you have experience or ideas, please join us and help by:

  • Seeking donations
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteering
  • Becoming a friend of Firstchance

Your contribution may help in:

  • Making a difference to a family who has a child with a disability
  • Building skills in children with a disability
  • Keeping a family together
  • Supporting a local charity
  • Sense of community involvement

Your contribution may help you with:

  • Knowledge and satisfaction that every day you are supporting a needy family in the community
  • Tax deductibility
  • Invitations to social events and official occasions

How to be a Friend or Volunteer

For more information on how to become a Friend of Firstchance or a volunteer please contact us on 4910 3130 or email us at reception@firstchance.org.au.


  • Funds to subsidise parents training courses
  • Sensory equipment for therapy
  • Books for families to borrow

We have a wishlist of what Firstchance needs. This wishlist gives everyone, no matter how well off, how big, how small, the opportunity to help out. Whether it’s a small monetary donation, a donation in kind, or larger corporate donations that will enable us to offer quality services to families.There is always something you can do to help our community.


Visit our programs and see the wonderful work we do for families of children with disabilities.

Find out how YOU can help!

Contact us on 02 4910 3130.