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What do we provide?

Within our Early Childhood Intervention Programs we offer the following services for children aged 0-6, and their families who live within the Newcastle, Port Stephens and Lake Macquarie local government areas:

  • Centre Based services
  • Outreach Consultancy
  • Home Based Program
  • EarlyStart program – flexible service delivery model
  • Parent/carer groups that provide further information, skills and support for families within the programs.

Our Philosophy

Our programs are family-centred.

At Firstchance we believe that each family is the expert on their child and that every child, young person and family come with their own strengths, capabilities and diversity.

We recognise the value of working together with families and other services in supporting families to achieve their goals and aspirations.

We value the importance of building, supporting and fostering relationships and for families to connect with each other and their communities.

Our programs are therefore based on current research and innovative approaches that support children and young people to learn through play, experiences, interactions and their environment.

We acknowledge and respect the traditional owners of the land on which we provide services to families and communities.

Families are recognised as the most important influence in the life and development of a child and are encouraged to take a leading role in any case conferences, team meetings or planning sessions regarding their child.

Families, teachers and therapists work in collaboration to develop and evaluate individual programs which cater for the specific needs of each child. These needs are looked at in terms of the whole child within the environment of the family and wider community.


Students undertaking training in a variety of disciplines may complete some of the practical requirements of their course in our Early Childhood Intervention programs. These include:

  • Teaching
  • Speech pathology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Social work
  • Child care
  • Community welfare
  • School work experience students


Firstchance also welcomes volunteers who work behind the scenes. Their contribution to the success of our programs is enormous.

Please email Linda Rolland at  linda.rolland@newcastle.edu.au for relevant forms and/or information.


These programs receive funding from the NSW Human Services Departments of Disability, Ageing and Home Care (ADHC) and Education and Communities (DEC). Funding for programs is also supplemented by the fundraising efforts of Firstchance.