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NDIS – Early Childhood Early Intervention Transition Provider


If your child is aged 0-6 years and has a disability, or if there are concerns with their development, they may be eligible to receive support from our Firstchance Early Childhood Early Intervention team.


Firstchance is one of three NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Transition Providers   in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens Local Government Area. Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT) and the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) are also register ECEI transition providers.

Our Role :

As one of three Early Childhood Early Intervention partners, Firstchance will be the first contact point for families (or you can choose ASPECT, RIDBC).  We are able to provide families with interim supports and if required put together an NDIS plan for children aged 0-6 years old. NDIA are still responsible for approving the plan.

We will work alongside you to ensure your child receives the most appropriate supports. This includes providing information and referral to other support services or organisations. Firstchance will work alongside you using our individualised, family centred and strengths based approach in order to give your child every opportunity to thrive.

As an NDIS Early Childhood Partner we are able too:

  • Provide information
  • Refer families to a mainstream service like a Community Health Service, playgroups or peer support group
  • Identify if a child may benefit from some short term intervention and provide those services. For example, if a child has a language, physical or developmental delay we can provide some initial speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy or specialist early childhood development educators to support your child, which over time, will assist to inform the child’s longer term support needs
  • Identify that a child requires long-term specialised early childhood intervention supports and then assist the family to request access to the NDIS, submitting the required information and evidence to the National Access team.
  • Undertake the planning process with families who receive access to the NDIS
  • Coordinate a combination of the options above.
  • Supports can be proved across a range of settings such as: home, daycare/preschool or school.


Our quality ECEI team have extensive experience in early childhood development and are excited to meet with families and work with you to get the support your child needs, giving your child the best opportunities to thrive. We will work collaboratively with you and other professionals that are involved in supporting your child.

We are aware that there may appear to be conflict of interest in Firstchance being a NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention partner  and a NDIS service provider for Early Childhood Intervention however, you are guaranteed that Firstchance staff will never suggest that our services should be chosen instead of another service provider. Our role is to support your choice so if you have service providers involved with your family that you feel meet your family’s needs or you are currently supported by Firstchance and you want to change service providers (for whatever reason) we will respect this.

We provide services for families in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens Local Government Areas.


For Further information on the NDIS ECEI process:


Contact Us:

  • to book an initial assessment with our NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention Team
  • to discuss how Firstchance may be able to support your child
  • if you require more information