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8 week program for parents and siblings who share their life with a child or young person with a disability.

Firstchance promotes building strong networks around children with a disability and recognising the role each family members plays in allowing this to occur.

SibsRule supports families to grow strong relationships between all children in the family unit with the understanding that sibling relationships (especially those with care/advocacy roles) are the longest lifetime relationships and possibly the most important for a person with a disability into their future.

SibsRules allow siblings to share experiences and strategies with other children.


This group will address the specific needs of parents while the children are supported to explore their specific needs as a young carer to their siblings.

There is a weekly conversation topic offered for communication / discussion within the family to bring the content from each participant’s group together in a way that has family meaning.

The program will deliver specific content to each group that will provide opportunities for constructive discussions about strategies and concepts with, for and around the family member with disability and the family unit as a whole.

Program Delivery

Parallel Program for parents and siblings who may also be young carers.

Participants will be broken into two groups – a parent group and a sibling group, with some joint group work.

The groups will take place at the same time, however in separate rooms at Firstchance.

Duration:  Tuesday night each week for a total of  8 weeks

Date:    01/08/2017 to 19/09/2017

Time:  6:00pm to 8:30pm

Cost:  Use your NDIA package or contact us for a cost.


Program Criteria

  • Siblings must have a brother or sister with a diagnosed disability yet not have one themselves
  • Siblings attending must be primary school students aged 8-12 years.
  • Parent / Carers must be able to attend each session
  • Last session in week 8, will be held off site. You will need to organise own transport.



To express your interest please contact Nicole.doncovski@firstchance.org.au or phone 4910 3130.




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