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SWIM is a Fun Firstchance School Holiday Water Confidence Program


SWIM will help your child gain water confidence and develop skills in a supportive environment over 4 sessions in January 2018. We know that every child is different – we will deliver this program at your child’s pace.


  • Fun water confidence games to play / engage
  • build your confidence in taking your child to the pool
  • helping your child to be comfortable in the water (parent/carer in the water)
  • water safety and awareness
  • safe pool entry and exit
  • communication / social skills


Our Firstchance Occupational Therapist and Swim Instructor will facilitate this group.


M O N D A Y             1 5 T H          J A N U A R Y

T H U R S D A Y       1 8 T H         J A N U A R Y

M O N D A Y              2 2 N D       J A N U A R Y

T H U R S D A Y       2 5 T H        J A N U A R Y


Time:        1:00pm to 2:00pm

Where:    Valentine Hydrotherapy Pools, 2/1A St Johns Drive, CROUDACE BAY


Register today:

$58.53 per session (you can use your child’s NDIA plan)

Email: nicole.doncovski@firstchance.org.au or phone 49103130


Please Note:

When you register we will get you to complete a short survey about your child to help us target to the program to each individual.


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