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Why our Specialist Educators are your secret weapon!

We know that learning lots of new information about your child’s challenges and needs can feel overwhelming. That’s why our specialist educators are so important.

Our qualified Specialist Educators take the time to understand your child, to learn how they are developing, and explain information in a way that makes sense—to you and your child. Not only will our Specialist Educators answer your questions and offer advice, they can also meet with key people in your child’s life, like teachers and family members, to provide specialised guidance and coaching.

Our specialist educators are here to make your life easier—here’s how.

They speak your child’s language

Specialist Educators have a comprehensive overview of child development, so they can make sure key milestones are not missed. They will work with you to find out your child’s strengths and let you know the next step in your child’s development. They’ll also create fun activities based on what interests your child and put activities into action that have been recommended by other therapists. This will help your child reach their goals faster.

They’ll give you practical tips and advice

Specialist Educators provide support that fits with your child’s and family’s routine, so it’s easier for you to manage. They can visit you at home, or accompany you on outings to the playground or shopping centre, to see how your child interacts with their world. Then, they’ll show you easy and practical ways of incorporating learning into your child’s everyday life through play—with every activity specifically designed to suit your child. Research says children learn best through play. That’s why our Specialist Educators make play a priority, and will give you plenty of ideas on the types of play that will encourage the best outcomes for your child.

They can equip your child’s teachers

Our Specialist Educators can go with you to the early childhood centre or school to talk with them about your child’s needs. They can provide the preschool and school with information on ways they might be able to support your child to have good outcomes in their lessons and play.

They provide support for the whole family

Our Specialist Educators are genuinely interested in your child’s unique story and journey. They are great listeners, compassionate and empathetic. They will not judge you. Being a parent brings lots of joy, but it’s also hard work. We understand that for families where a child has additional needs, the job of being a parent can be more difficult.

Our Specialist Educators will take the time to hear how your child’s challenges and needs have impacted on your whole family. This will also help them provide your family, or individuals members, with appropriate support and information. They’ll show you easy ways of providing caring support during your child’s everyday ups and downs.

They’re unique to Firstchance

Specialist Educators make a huge difference to children and families—but they’re not offered by all service providers. With us, your family will always be supported by a collaborative team, which can include a specialist educator, an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, psychologist, speech pathologist or family worker.

One family says: “Firstchance Specialist Educators provide clarity, an overview of the big picture and a relationship for a shared way forward.”


Meet our friendly team of Specialist Educators, or learn more about how they can support your family. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.






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