Firstchance has had the privilege to support Harrison and his family since Harrison was quite young.

When we first met Harrison he had limited language. His speech and language skills are so developed now that he no longer needs support from a speech pathologist.

As a young boy in Year 2, he wrote and illustrated an epic novel called   

Mr. Jerry and the revolting revenge of the ferocious tippy tinkletrousers

Harrison sold copies of his novel – even his school bought one for the library.

Harrison’s mum Amy interviewed Harrison about his experience with Firstchance and here is what he had to say:

How has Firstchance helped you Harrison?

Kat (Steele) has helped me out with a Storm Action plan. She also did ‘Food Science’ with me, which helped me improve my tastebuds!

Carol (Grieve) helped me with my speech and listening. She also used to make me Social Stories to help me with lots of things, from going to the toilet to helping me out with my Autism.

What made you write your story Mr Jerry?

I’ve always wanted to write a comic book and entertain people.

After reading one of my most favourite books ‘Captain Underpants’ written and illustrated by Dave Pilkey, I decided to write my own comic. I even illustrated it myself – since I’m a good drawer!

We are definitely looking forward to Harrison’s next epic novel.