• Bachelor of Social Work (honours)

Why I joined Firstchance Board

My affiliation with Firstchance began in 2013 when I undertook a field placement at the agency as part of my social work degree. Since then I have worked on various Firstchance programs and projects including SibsRule, TeenTime, Doing more for Dads, and undertaken various program evaluations. Firstchance taught me a lot about strengths-based and family-centred practices and I am thrilled to have an ongoing role in supporting the agency to achieve its aims.

The skills I bring to the Board

As a social worker I work alongside many people who are living at the margins of society. My role involves conducting ongoing assessments of people’s strengths and needs and agitating for socially just change at the level of the individual, family, organisation and community. In addition to my clinical duties, I contribute to quality improvement and governance processes through active engagement on various committees, by facilitating staff training, and by undertaking practice research. I have a keen interest in social policy, organisational change and workplace culture.