Generosity and Community Spirt is abundant at the Newcastle Permanent 

Throughout June, Newcastle Permanent will be raising awareness for Firstchance encouraging all employees to wear funky socks or stockings for the day and donate generously.

This fundraiser will support Firstchance to work alongside over 400 local families annually who have a child aged 0-12years with a disability or developmental delay and their families. 

The money raised from this event will go towards supporting our Little Ones Playgroup. An essential community program that supports families with a child aged 0-3years when they first become aware that their child needs additional support. At time when families are often grieving the loss of the hopes and dreams of they had for their unborn child. Little Ones, staffed by our Specialist Early Childhood Educators provides families will a soft place to land, to connect and build capacity to support their child to thrive within our community. And give back hope.