Meet Catharina she is one of three staff members who work within the Little Ones Team

Catharina is a Family Worker who provides support to families when they first becomes aware that the development of their baby or small child is Atypical, this can be very isolating. It is at this point in time when their hope is lost, replaced with grief and loss of
what could have been.

Sharing her knowledge & skills to build capability to support their child with a disability, empowering families to alter their child’s long term development trajectory. Increase resilience which results in greater community inclusion for their child/family, ie: mainstream
schooling, sports etc. As their child increases their daily living skills parents have increased opportunities to focus on their wellbeing, social connectedness and ability to balance competing priorities.

Catharina works in our Little Ones group. An outreach program that provides families with a supportive network of like families, professionals and access to paediatric supports. Providing supports to families who have a small child with a disability on an individual basis, runs a targeted program for siblings group and parent training.

Catharina supports families to access the information and services they need, works collaboratively to establish goals, strategies for intervention that provides regular review opportunities.