A physiotherapist from a private therapy organisation was visiting one of the toddlers she supports in our Little Ones playgroup. The physio has worked with Tilly* since birth (she is now 23 months old). 

As the physiotherapist was leaving she stopped and thanked the Little Ones Specialist Educator for allowing her to attend and with her hand on her heart she said " This is my happy place. the way you and your staff interact with families, how they engage with each other and how much everyone is enjoying themselves. Jenn* (mum) is so relaxed here (she is from a non-English speaking background) and I've seen Tilly do much more here than i can see her do at home." 

As she said this our Specialist Educator stood back and looked around the room and noticed that there was such a happy, busy vibe with everyone smiling, laughing and engaging with one another.