Social Skills, Gross Motor, Play Skills and more wrapped up in a fun filled circus experience.

Fun school holiday program for children aged 4 -12 years with a disability or developmental delay.

While participating in aerials, students have an opportunity to engage with numerous aerial apparatuses. Including, but not limited to aerial silks, aerial sling, lyra and trapeze. Aerials as a general practice is multifaceted and provides an endless developmental trajectory. Children of all abilities will find that they are capable of succeeding in different skills on different apparatuses. Ground based skills such as juggling, Acro, handstand/balances, hoola hooping and object manipulation are taught in the same manner as aerials. Students are introduced and taught the most basic and fundamental skills first. They then progress at their own pace as they gain confidence, strength, mobility and stamina. Time spend on different skills is dependent on the participants' abilities and interests.

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