• Diploma in Teaching
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Masters of Adult Education (Language Literacy Numeracy and TESOL)
  • Graduate Certificate in TESOL
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate III Individual Support


 Why I joined the Firstchance Board

Having witnessed the fantastic work of the Firstchance team as part of the team, I wanted to continue to support the work that they do. I felt I had a mix of skills that might bring value to the board and felt it was time to give back to an organisation that meant so much to me and the families they work with. I also value the importance of early intervention and working as a part of a wider community. Firstchance staff play a critical role in the lives of the families they work with and do so with integrity and professionalism- who wouldn’t want to support that!


The skills I bring to the Firstchance Board

I bring to the board a range of skills. I have worked in the Community services industries in a workforce adviser role for a number of years. This has given me some insights into the needs of the sector, the strengths and weaknesses and some ways to address issues or challenges. I have also made a lot of connections and enjoy connecting people to ensure that talented people meet and work together.

I have worked for the organisation and understand how it ticks. I have witnessed the value of great management and commitment and how that works for an organisation. Another skill is that of a small business owner for many years and understanding the importance of good financial governance and other aspects of running a business. Finally having grown up with a brother with an intellectual disability I know how important it is to maintain connectedness in the community and with service/health providers and to work as part of a strengths based team.