Welcome to our shop!

Here we have all the latest products from our charity.

At the moment our shop contains a variety of hand-crafted Christmas homewares created by our very precious and talented volunteers. 

When purchasing from our shop, know that making an impact on the lives of the children and families we support. 

100% of the proceeds will go towards support for our Little Ones Playgroups in Hamilton and Raymond Terrace. These groups provide families with a soft place to land when they first discover their child has a disability and/or developmental delay.

If you would like to make a greater impact, consider making a donation in addition to your purchase.

Firstchance is grateful to each and every supporter (no matter how small or large the contribution).  Thank you for thinking of us.

Please note: our online shop is designed for delivery. If you would like to pick up your goods from Firstchance (and save on delivery costs) please select click and collect. You will need to enter the address of Firstchance to proceed, apologies for the inconvenience we are working with our developers to fix this feature).