Why donate to Firstchance? 

As a local organisation, the children you support by donating to Firstchance may live next door to you, they may go to the same school as your child or grandchild, or they may belong to a family that you work with.

Firstchance is a local organisation which families with children with a disability have chosen and trusted for over 40 years to provide specialised support and information.

We believe in the ability of every child, young person and family and we enjoy the opportunity to support them to achieve their hopes and dreams. These are the same dreams that all parents have for their children. To learn, to be happy, to belong.

The most amazing reward is seeing the look of pride and the smiles on faces of parents and often the children/young people themselves, when that first step is taken, when that first word is spoken or they learn a new skill, especially when they had been told that this would not be possible for their child. These changes are for the rest of their life and ultimately influence their future.