This page provides you with a guide only as to what developmental milestones typically are achieved at this age and stage. If you have any concerns about your child see you child and family health nurse or doctor. 

Social and Emotional Development

  • baby is beginning to smile at people
  • baby looks at people's faces and makes eye contact
  • will typically settle or quieten to familiar and friendly voices
  • baby will cry when hungry or uncomfortable
  • baby will response to sights, sound and voices by searching with their eyes
  • baby enjoys being cuddled, held firmly

Language and Communication Development

  • baby will make coos and gurgling sounds
  • baby will vocalise when spoken to 
  • baby will vocalise to express pleasure
  • baby will turn their head towards sound.

Cognitive Development

  • baby will begin to follow things with their eyes
  • baby will start to recognise people at a distance
  • baby will start to discover their own hands

Movement and Physical Development

  • baby can hold their head up
  • baby begins to push when lying on tummy
  • baby begins to turn head to the side when lying on their back
  • baby will start to kick legs when lying on their back
  • baby will move their arms about at the sight of a toy

Self care skills 

  • baby is coordinating sucking, swallowing and breathing
  • baby stays awake for longer periods
  • baby has frequent naps

Areas that warrant further investigation

  • baby doesn't respond to loud noises
  • baby doesn't watch things as they move
  • baby doesn't smile at people
  • baby doesn't bring hands to mouth
  • baby doesn't seem to be able to hold head up when on tummy