This page provides you with a guide only as to what developmental milestones typically are achieved at this age and stage. If you have any concerns about your child see you child and family health nurse or doctor. 

Social and Emotional Development 

  • will hug and kiss parents and staff toys etc
  • will initiate comfort, reaches up to be held
  • will cry when mum or dad leaves
  • will point or vocalise their needs
  • will copy movements of another child in play
  • will initiate simple game by hold out hand (eg: round and round garden)

Language and Communication Development

  • will respond to simple requests with actions
  • will give object when requested
  • will use guestures such as: shaking head for 'no" or waving hand goodbye
  • will say "mama, dada, uh-oh (or similar)
  • will begin to say single words with meaning

Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem solving) 

  • will identify 2 body parts on themselves
  • will bang objects together
  • will begin to link an object with function (eg: drinking from a cup, brushing hair)
  • will begin to nest graded objects (eg: measuring cups, blocks etc)
  • will point to pictures in a book
  • will remember where familiar things are kept

Movement and Physical Development

  • Is happy to sit and play with toys
  • let's go of an object carefully, can place small objects in a cup/box
  • Pulls to stand up
  • Walks while holding onto furniture
  • May stand alone
  • May take a few steps without holding on

Self care

  • will put out arms or leg to help with dressing
  • will hold and drink from a cup 
  • will cooperate when getting dressed by extending arm or leg
  • likes to help hold spoon while feeding

Areas that may warrant further investigation

  • your child is not yet crawling
  • your child doesn't stand when supported
  • your child doesnt' search things that they see you hide
  • your child doesn't babble or coo
  • your child isn't yet saying single words (eg: mama, dada)
  • your child doesn't use gestures (eg: waving, shaking head)
  • Your child doesn't point to things
  • You child seems to have lost skills they once had