• Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours
  • TAFE NSW Guiding in Excellence
  • Aboriginal Cultural Inclusion Training
  • Introductory Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD)
  • Introductory Auslan and Signed English Course, Certificate II

Why I joined the Firstchance Board

Like many Firstchance families, our journey with our daughter has been different to the path we had planned as parents. Being part of the Firstchance community means we have felt supported to face challenges along our journey and have been able to upskill and support our daughter and family along the way. We have made enduring friendships that have enriched our way of thinking and engaging with our wider community to make it more inclusive for children with special needs. As our daughter grows and I find my skills in advocacy, I have found myself wanting to contribute to our wider community and use my skills and lived experienced as a communicator and parent.

When I was approached to join the Board, I saw an opportunity to use my skills and experience to represent the families of Firstchance. I want to be a voice that ensures our current and future families always feel heard and supported in their journeys with the organisation.

The skills I bring to the board

With 18 years’ experience of collaboration and community engagement in government and not-for-profit organisations, I bring a range of skills that will bring value to the Board.

I believe in a collaborative and strength-based approach to projects, capitalising on the diversity of skills and experience of a team.

During my career I have developed and refined skills in project management, team leadership, grant writing and supervision of volunteer community engagement programs. I have been involved in the development and delivery of numerous environmental education programs which connect students and community with their local environment to improve connection with community, conservation, heritage, and culture.

Our journey with our daughter has allowed me to the opportunity to broaden my understanding and respect for the importance of diversity and communication. I place great value on the power of collective voices to advocate for inclusion, support, and a sense of belonging within a community. I look forward to applying my skills and lived experience to drive discussion and reach positive outcomes for Firstchance and the families it supports.