• Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Law

Why I joined the Firstchance Board

In my current role at Aon, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a large number of not-for-profit organisations and work directly with boards and executive teams. In doing this work I developed a strong desire to give back to my community by joining a not-for-profit board and lending my skills and experience to a positive cause. When a chance meeting led to a conversation about becoming a board member of Firstchance, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more. I have always been passionate about giving back, and believe my skills and experience over 10 years would enable me to add value to Firstchance and the community it serves. Firstchance specifically appealed to me as I have personally experienced developmental challenges with my eldest child in his early years and therefore have a strong appreciation for the kind of support Firstchance provides.


The skills I bring to the board

I have over 10 years’ experience in the financial services sector, including banking & finance, as well as risk management and advice. Over my career I have worked with many businesses across a broad range of industries, helping solve their financial and risk needs. I bring the ability to critically assess the risk management policies and procedures and ensure that Firstchance is adequately informed and protected against key risks, as well as ensure the board and executive are across any emerging risks. My ability to critically analyse problems and identify and evaluate solutions are skills that I believe are transferable to any industry or situation.