There are two referral options: 

  1. Self-Refer - your child

  2. Refer a child and family 

Please note as a professional (ie: Paediatrician, Health Carer Professional, Educator etc) you can complete our referral form on behalf of the family, or you can direct the family to our website, and they can complete the referral for themselves. 

Note sure when to complete a referral? Here are some tips:

  • The child has an approved NDIS plan and would like to receive all or part of there services from Firstchance. 

  • The child requires a therapy services from Firstchance. For example: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy

  • The child requires support and has a Medicare EPC plan, Private Health Fund 

  • The child requires support and the family would like to self fund 

Please Note: It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete our online referral form and it must be completed in one sitting. 

Self Refer

Before completing the online referral form, please make sure you have the following ready, if applicable:

  • Your Child's NDIS participant number.
  • Electronic copies of any relevant reports. If you have paper copies, scan and save these prior to starting the referral form.
  • Details of any current service providers your child is receiving supports from.

Refer a Child and Family

As a professional referrer. You have one of three options.

  1. You can complete the online referral form. You will require the following information:
    • Details of the child's siblings (name, DOB, gender).
    • Electronic copies of any relevant reports, if you have them (note: ensure you scan and save the reports prior to opening the online referral form).
  2. You can email Firstchance with the relevant reports and family contact details. Our administrative team will then call the family and complete the form with them over the phone.
  3. We can send you a hard copy of the referral form to fill in with the family. 

Experiencing difficulties referring? 

Contact Firstchance or call us on 02 4910 3130 during business hours and we can assist you to complete the form over the phone.