About us

<Inspiring video, if available>

Why we exist / Our vision

<the ‘why’ from your strategy session> OR <how you want the world to be>

eg Nobody should be in a certain way because of how they are.

This is a quotation from someone saying how their life has changed through what we've done

OR a simple statistic showing the impact your work has on the area you work in

How we <do what we do> / Our mission

<a general overview of how you get towards your ‘why’> OR <what you do every day to achieve your why>

eg We <make our beneficiaries' lives better> by:

  • creating something to make something else possible,
  • doing something to make things better for someone, and
  • making something to prompt a permanent change for good.

What we do

Explain briefly what you do for your beneficiaries, in their language, linking to more detailed pages if available.

  • We go to places and do things
  • We offer something to someone
  • We talk to particular groups about something.

Our values

List and explain your values and why you're sharing them.

eg These are the values that ensure we never lose sight of what we are trying to achieve.

Value 1
What it means, in a few words

Value 2
What it means, in a few words