Firstchance welcomes the opportunity to provide Speech Pathology students with a paediatric multi-disciplinary learning experience.  Students will work closely with our Student Placement Coordinator to establish a holistic learning experience, bound to excite any student looking to work in the paediatric space, providing supports to children with a disability or developmental delay.  

Students will work alongside our large Speech Pathology team and be exposed to providing supports within a child's home, early learning setting, preschool, school, community, and at Firstchance. 

Our student placement program is one of several career pathways to joining team Firstchance. It is an ideal opportunity for you to gain industry experience and see if Firstchance aligns with your values and professional goals. If you are interested in an opportunity with our team beyond your student placement, let us know.

The following video will provide Speech Pathology students with insight into what it will look like to join our team for student placement. 


Contact Kara our Speech Pathology Student Placement Coordinator