Our Paediatric Occupational Therapists have extensive knowledge, skills and experience in assisting children with a range of disabilities, including, but not limited to developmental delay, autism, chromosomal disorders and genetic conditions.

Occupational Therapy (OT)  works with your family to support the development of  your child’s:

  • sensory processing abilities
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • motor planning (praxis)
  • engagement and attention

so that children can participate in everyday activities (‘occupations’) such as play, learning, academic tasks such as drawing, writing and cutting, social activities, self—help and independence tasks.

We can also provide assessments and fitting of equipment that will assist children to participate in everyday life. This may include seating, mobility equipment such as:

  • specialised strollers
  • wheelchairs
  • car seats
  • steps and rails to access the toilet, bath or sink
  • cutlery
  • assistive technology

In order to provide comprehensive support to achieve the goals the family has for their child, our Occupational Therapist can work within a Multi-disciplinary Team to provide a holistic and individualised approach to supporting your child.

We service Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Port Stephens Local Government Regions. Our professional Occupational Therapists provide services in various locations depending on the child and family needs. This may be at home, early childhood education setting, school, park, shopping centre, community setting or swimming lessons. Or you can come to our clinic at Mayfield.

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