Specialist Educators – Providing Early Childhood Intervention

Our Specialist Educators provide individualised supports and strategies to assist families in furthering their child’s learning in all areas of their development through a play and family based approach. This includes social skills, emotional development, language and motor skills, creativity and cognitive.

Our services are family focused and strengths based. We work collaboratively with you and other professionals that are involved in supporting your child.

Our services are flexible to meet the child and family need.  We can provided services in your home, Early Childhood Education Setting, School or Community setting such as: a park, or swimming lessons.

We will work with you to build your capacity so that you can continue to support your child when we are not around.

Our Specialist Educators can work as part of your child’s collaborative team and apply their expertise in childhood development, play development, behaviour support,  transition to school and more to meet the goals of the family may have for their child. 

Specialist Educators have exceptional skills in engaging children, knowing their learning strengths and using this as bases to scaffold learning and development. In additional to working alongside families, our team of Specialist Educators can work alongside other therapists, school teachers and other key people in your child's life to reinforce learning and development skills. This way your child with have a greater opportunity to achieve goals across all areas of their life. 

We provide a whole of child approach to overall development helping your child to generalise the learning and apply their skills to different settings. We can help you with social and emotional, challenging behaviour, integrate sensory and language building into the child’s environment through a play based approach.


  • We provide consultancy and mentoring support in home.
  • We provide consultancy, support and mentoring for professionals in Early Childhood Education Settings (Family Day Care, Day Care, Preschool)
  • We support children and their families pre-diagnosis and before and after assessments.

Our Educators:

  • Work as a team member, providing for the needs of your child and family.
  • Liaise with families, other service providers and adults involved in your child’s development in planning, delivering and evaluating supports.
  • Liaise with community services providers  to enhance community participation.
  • Provide services in a variety of settings such as: home, early childhood education setting, school or community setting such as park, shopping centre, swimming lessons etc.